All About Becoming a Great Manager

15 May

When you are starting a company, worries to do with managing people will be far from your mind.  You will be looking forward to dedicating much time to creating products and meeting your clients.   Even so, if there are employees you will definitely have to manage them unless you bring someone in to do the work.   This should not make you panic as long as you are aware of what you should be doing. When you learn the skills needed to become a great manager you will make the work easier for you.   Therefore, you won’t have to interrupt your schedule to deal with problems which should not have been there in the first place if you did your job as a manager.  First of all, the best managers are great at delegating.   Delegating some of the work means you will have more than enough time for you to spend in doing the job that requires your absolute presence.

Another thing you have to horn as Magnetic Manager is goal setting. The employees should be aware of the goals they should be working towards.   They offer a sense of direction and also purpose which ensures that everyone in the organization is striving towards the same thing.  When there is division it will be hard for you to achieve the results you would wish to achieve.   The goals have to specific and measureable as well.  Apart from that, you have monitor the progress and see how everyone is doing in achieving the goals.   Great managers are great communicators too.  Many bosses do not communicate enough.   The trend is mostly seen when they are always struggling to achieve one thing or the other in the organization.  Even with a super busy schedule, don’t ignore the importance of letting the workers know about the latest news in the organization because it is very important.

You need to create time for the workers too.   The best leadership at is when the people who are being led are given a chance to participate in the process.  Don’t put off the workers who are seeking audience with you.   When you create time for your workers you should not spend half of it on your phone because it will be hard for you to focus on them when you are doing other things on your phone too.  Ensure you also recognize their achievements.

When people are applauded for their work they will focus on doing even better next time and the biggest beneficiary in all that will be you.   You do not have to do something major in recognizing them because even the verbal word will be enough and you will keep seeing improvements every time. To read more about the benefits of business, visit

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